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Bodies By Coco Programs


  •  3, 6 or 9 Month Personal Training  Packages
  •  Affordable
  •  Results Driven
  • Nutrition Guidance/Meal Plans 
  • Cardio/Training Plans 

  • The Benefits
  • Lose Body Fat 
  • Gain Muscle 
  • Increase Energy 
  • Improve Endurance
  • Enhance Flexibility 
  • Any Fitness Level

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Training is important but nutrition is what can make or break you! Our dedicated team knows that reaching any health and fitness goal starts with a solid nutrition plan. We do not want you to look at this as a diet, we want you to look at this as an opportunity to lay a strong foundation for years to come.

  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Ketogenic
  • Carb Cycling
  • Vegan/Vegetarian

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  • How often should I work out?    
  • Depending on your health and fitness goals, you should to commit to a minimum of 3 days of exercise each week to see results. Any fewer than that and each workout will feel like you’re starting all over again each and every time. 
  • What should I eat before a workout?     
  • Ideally, you should have some form of fuel in your system before you work out. Eating an easily digested carbohydrate an hour or so before you hit the gym ensures that you’ll have enough energy in the tank to get through your program. Try fruit and yogurt or toast and peanut butter; not too much or you’ll feel sluggish and heavy. 
  • How quickly will I see the results of my training?      
  • Expect to FEEL the results of your training sooner than you SEE them. People who start a new exercise program and are consistent in getting their workouts done typically report improvements in sleep, mood and energy levels within two to three weeks. Changes in body composition often take longer to notice; the more consistent you are with your workouts and the closer you adhere to your nutrition plan, the sooner the results will become noticeable (to you and to others too!) 
  • Why can’t I just do cardio?     
  • While cardiovascular training is great for building strong hearts and lungs, it doesn’t provide the stimulus your body needs to build bigger, stronger muscles and bones. Why? Our bodies adapt fairly quickly to the load when we ask them to move; unless you’re gaining weight, your legs will always be subject to the same load and moving that load through the same, limited range of motion. Adding strength training to your program allows you to (1) increase the load on your legs, (2) change the range of motion you move your joints through and (3) target muscles that you don’t typically use during cardiovascular training. 

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